Photos of Past Events

GRW at the Lincoln Reagan dinner, 2021

Brenda & Randy Weber, Marilyn Harris & Chris Bionot

Carmen & Don Pollack with Dan

Alison & Judge Lonnie Cox

Dan Crenshaw & Terry

Don & Lori Nurdin
Carmen Pollocks quilt
Chris & Cathy Frederickson
Chris & John Kinard

Kerri & Senator Larry Taylor and his mother

Jeannie & Llyod Koenig

John & Chris Kinard, Brenda & Randy Weber, Brent & Laura Erenwert,& Sue and Bill Veach on the end

Judge Kerri Foly with Jane Rigsby

Judge Pat Grady and Kay Davis with Dan
Lori & Don Nurdin with Dan Crenshaw
Marcy Hansen & Dan Crenshaw
Kristin Wilson Day & hubby with, Dan Crenshaw
Linda Buckley & Irene Henry
Loretta Roberts, Roxann Lewis & Linda Buckley
Terry with Bev Davis
Marcy Hansen & Linda Strevell
Mark, Marilyn Harris, Linda Burton, Beverly Davis behind, Cathy Frederickson
Presidents Roxann Lewis & Irene Henry
Terry & Fran Card with Dr Pat McGinnis

GRW Juneteenth at Ashton Villa , June 2021

Master of Ceremonies Douglas Mathew
Congressman Mayes Middleton addressing the crowd
Former President Betty Henry address the crowd
GRW President Irene Henry & Linda Buckley
Jane & Joe Rigsby,Llyod & Jeannie Koenig & Beverly Davis
Singer Rebecca Marks Jimerson with Tina Kirbie
Singer Rebecca Marks Jimerson
Mosette Davis, Pres. Irene Henry, Betty Henry & Linda Buckley
Mayes Middleton with guests
Senator Larry Taylor

GRW 66th Anniversary Saluting our Military, May 2021

GRW President Irene & Vaun Henry with Col Allen West
Jeannie Koenig and Col Allen West
Kay Davis and Tax Assessor Cheryl Johnson
Pachyderm President Don Nurdin & Col Allen West
President Irene Henry with Past GRW Presidents
Randy & Brenda with Col Allen West
Rebecca Marks Jimerson
Ret. Maj. General Peter Bayer
Trooping the colors
Bobbie Hull TFRW VP Legislation
Brenda Weber, Fran Card and Col Allen West
Cathy Frederickson, Carol Greaney Wurst and Marilyn Harris
Col Allen West and Dr Pat McGinnis
Col Allen West
Faye Picard, Rebecca Marks Jimerson, VP Chris Kinard and Makeda Thomas
Good group

Our members handing out bouquets of Roses,
February 2021

Betty Henry with Alexis & Chelsea, staff at UTMB


Sam, at the Meridian with flowers.
Patty Peacock with Mary Troussant, at Holand House Retirement Community.
Linda Buckley with Youlanda Martin-Jones at UTMB Texas City.
Nancy Attaway with Donna Beberg at the Pregnancy Help Center.
Jane Rigsby with Erika Parrish at Bayou Pines Center in LaMarque.


Jeannie Koenig with Dr. Ted Zompa at West Isle Urgent Care in Galveston.


September 2019 – Diamond and Silk – A Wonderful Evening

September 21, 2018 – Elected Officials honor Jeannie Koenig for her years of service and leadership at the Galveston Republican Women’s annual gala at the Galvez Hotel.
Pictured Left to Right:

Commissioner Joe Giusti
Justice of the Peace K.  McCumber
Sheriff Trochesset, Texas Representative Dr. G Bonnen,
Honoree  Jeannie Koenig
Judge Kerry Neves
Dr. Chris Frederickson (as George Washington)
Texas Senator L Taylor, County Treasurer K Walsh
US Representative R Weber
Candidate for Texas Representative M Middleton
District Attorney J Roady
September 6th, 2018. A gathering at the Hatmaker Center in Galveston.
Pictured Left to Right:

Ken Clark Galveston County Commissioner
Jack Roady Galveston County District Attorney
Kathleen McCumber Justice of the Peace
Judge Kim Sullivan Probate Court
Sandra Tetley Co GOP Team
Dr. Yoe Waters Galveston Co GOP Chairman
Brenda Weber, wife of US Rep Randy Weber
JT Edwards Tx GOP Executive Committeeman
Mayes Middleton GOP Candidate for Tx Rep
Cathy Frederickson Galveston Republican Women’s President
Darell Apffel Galveston County Commissioner