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The first official meeting of the Galveston Republican Women was held on May 18th, 1955, at the home of Mrs. Howard Swann, the founding president. Twenty-eight women joined the club at that meeting. Dues were set at $1.00 per member. The meetings were held once or twice a year. GRW was active at the national level before the state federation was established later in 1955. In 1955, the national dues were $0.02 per member. On May 20, 2005, GRW celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Yacht Club on Galveston Island. Since Hurricane Ike in 2008 washed away the Yacht Club, the anniversary lunch is held at the Artillery Club, one of Galveston's oldest clubs established in 1840 and moved into its present location in 1959. Our anniversary luncheon is held in May each year to commemorate this event with an outstanding speaker, our "Woman of Distinction" is recognized and the annually revised Directory of Members is presented to members.


Past Presidents -

Woman of Distinction -

1955 Patti Swann

2002 Rose Farmer

1956-1993 Rose Farmer

2003 Kris Ann Vogelpohl

1094-1995 Anne Henderson

2004 Billie Cuningham

1996 Marcella Trotter

2005 Margaret Earthman

1997 Rhonda Kern

2006 Sally Prill

1998 Nancy Mainous

2007 Bernadette Foley

1999 Fran Gordon

2008 Glenda Hink

2000 Kathleen Brennan

2009 Peggy McMullen

2001-2003 Irene Kerr

2010 Nancy Mainous

2004-2005 Carole Greaney-Wurst

2011 Brenda Gutierrez

2006-2007 Glenda Hink 2012 Lizete Gaudin
2008-2009 Sally Prill 2013 Jeannie Koenig
2010-2011 Brenda Gutierrez 2014 Jane Rigsby
2012 Jeannie Koenig  
2013 Jeannie Koenig  

2014 Brenda Gutierrez